In the event of a major utility failure occurring during regular working hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm), remain calm and immediately notify Physical Plant at 450-3196.

If there is a potential danger to building occupants, or if the failure occurs after hours, weekends, or holidays, call UCA Police at 450-3111.

Follow standard evacuation procedures if a building emergency exists. If you are injured or require emergency assistance, remain calm and dial 911.

Power Outage
Remain calm. Shortly after loss of power the emergency lighting in your area should be activated. If evacuation is required, assist any disabled persons or others needing assistance and exit by stairway. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. If you are trapped in an elevator use the emergency phone to notify UCA Police.

Cease using all electrical equipment. Unplug all non-essential electrical equipment. Vacate the area and notify the Physical Plant. If after hours, call UCA Police at 450-3111.

Serious Gas Leak
Cease ALL operations. DO NOT use any electrical device while in the immediate area as this could cause an explosion. Immediately move out of the area and contact the Physical Plant and UCA Police.