The Office of the Chief of Police is the highest level of the UCA Police Department hierarchy. The Office of the Chief provides the leadership and administration of the Police Department, and is responsible for overseeing the operations of the functional subdivisions of the Department. The Chief of Police provides assistance to, and ensures cooperation with, all UCAPD personnel, other law enforcement agencies, university departments, members of the university community, and the university administration. In addition, the Office of the Chief assists in maintaining police and public safety services to the academic community by providing a number of services and functions. The Office provides police recruitment and training programs for the department, investigates all citizen and internal complaints, develops departmental policies and procedures, conducts special investigations, develops and coordinates emergency preparedness and disaster plans, and conducts departmental planning and research.

The Office of the Chief of Police is comprised of the Chief of Police, the Administrative Services Commander who also serves as the Chief’s Executive Officer, the Professional Standards & Accreditation Commander, Director of Organizational and Community Services who also serves as the department’s Public Information Officer, and Emergency Management Director.

Commander, Administrative Services

The administrative Services Commander, who holds the rank of Captain, provides administrative, financial and technical support to the Office of the Chief of Police and to functional subdivisions of the Department.  The Administrative Services Commander serves as the Executive Officer (chief of staff) to the Chief of Police.

Commander, Professional Standards and Accreditation

The Professional Standards and Accreditation Commander, who holds the rank of Captain, is responsible for the oversight of professional and career development programs, CALEA accreditation management, policy development and review, research, staff inspections and other standards-related programming.

Director, Organizational and Community Services

The Director of Organizational an Community Services, a non-sworn position, is responsible for ensuring that departmental programs and functions and the delivery of police services are aligned with the university community’s needs and expectations.  The Director also serves as the Police Department’s Public Information Officer.